Windows XP, Vista & Winodws 7 Keylogger Spy Windows Keylogger Spy

For Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP, Vista & 7!

Windows Keylogger Spy

Record All activity on your Windows PC by capturing keystrokes, programs used, websites visited & more...

Daily Keylogger Winodws Spy Software SECRETLY records EVERYTHING that is done on your Windows PC! This PC Keylogger is completely 100% invisible (hidden to the user) and password protected so only you can see what's going on. You can find any password that is being used as well as read IM chats, emails and more! See Full Features!

See what they do online by simply checking your email. You can set up Daily Keylogger to secretly deliver all recorded Windows log files to any email address. This allows you to monitor your PC from anywhere! Plus, Daily Keylogger is the most affordable PC keylogger available at less that $0.25 per day!

Spy On All Windows & Internet Activity...
For Less than $0.25 a Day!

Keylogger PC Spy Software Record Keyboard Keystrokes

With Daily Keylogger you can secretly spy all keyboard keystrokes. KeyStroke Logger will record the text typed in applications like chat IM, messengers, emails, documents, passwords, etc...

Keylogger PC Spy Software Record Websites Visited

Daily Keylogger can record web-sites visited with the time/date the user visited the site. KeyStrokes are logged when someone is searching & typing on the keyboard.

Keylogger PC Spy Software Record Screenshots

Daily Keylogger Windows Spy Software allows you to capture the actual screen shots images the user sees on the screen. This way you don't miss anything!

Keylogger PC Spy Software Record Programs Used

Daily Keylogger KeyStroke Logger will capture which programs were used on your computer, all with Invisible Stealth Mode. Much more features...

Daily Keylogger Features Include...

  • Completely Invisible & UndetectableWindows Keylogger Spy
  • Record All Keystrokes
  • Record All Passwords
  • Record All Emails
  • Record All Programs Used
  • Record All Online Searches
  • Record All Facebook & MySpace Activity
  • Record All Chats & IMs
  • Record Screen Shots
  • Record Web Sites Visited
  • Remote Viewing (Email delivery)
  • AND MORE - Read Full Features List!

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